Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day Recipes

We went on a family BBQ today to Bellbird Grove which is nice and close so this morning we got to making the following for our BBQ:-

  1. Anzac Biscuits
  2. Pita Triangles with Rosemary & Sea Salt (also known as Pita Chips)
  3. Lemonade with home grown lemons

First we got to work on the Anzac Biscuits made the mixture in the Thermomix with Sienna (7) pressing all the buttons on the machine.  Once the mixture was made it was divided into two bowls so that James (9) and Sienna (7) could roll some biscuits each into balls.  Here's some photos of the Anzac Biscuit process.

Next on our recipe list was to made the Pita Chips which required using my pizza cutter to cut the pita bread into triangles and pop them onto a tray.  Once they were on the tray I sprayed them with Olive Oil and James cut some rosemary from the veggie garden and took it off the stalk and then I used the pizza cutter again just to make the rosemary a little smaller and then he sprinkled that over both pita breads and then sprinkled them with Murray River Pink Salt and popped them in the oven for about 10 mins.  The oven had been on 160 degrees for the Anzac Biscuits so I just stood by the oven.  I always use the timer on my iphone when cooking and just put the timer on for 5 mins checked them, then 5 mins more and checked them until they were brown.  You have to stay next to the oven because they can go brown very quickly and depends if the oven was already hot or not.  There is no exact time, just stay by the oven and potter around your kitchen when making these.  They are AMAZING and they were all gone in 5 mins at our BBQ today.  This is the topping we use on our Focaccia Bread however I didn't have time this morning to worry about making the bread so the pita bread was perfect and very tasty.  So instead of chips or corn chips these are beautiful. The other topping I used to put on these years ago which is very savory is "Lemon Pepper" which you can buy in the dry herb section of the supermaket/grocer.  You will have to try these when you are looking for a healthy savory snack.  Here's the finished product straight from the oven.

And lastly but not least some good old fashioned homemade Lemonade using these home grown lemons.  We only bought our dwarf Lemon Tree in June last year and it has produced 7 lemons so we are pretty excited about it.  I don't have a picture of the lemonade however that didn't last long at the BBQ either as everyone loved it.  I only made one litre but it's very exciting making something so refreshing with lemons that you have home grown.  So that was our adventures in getting ready for our BBQ at Bellbird Grove.

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  1. Those Anzac biscuits and pita chips look delicious! Lovely to see your young ones involved too.