Sunday, April 21, 2013

Welcome to readers from Down to Earth Blog

Rhonda listed my blog on her Weekend Reading list which I was thrilled about.  What it did remind me to do was to post more pictures and stories on this blog which only has a few posts.  So if you are here for the first time a big hi to you and I would love you to post a quick comment to say hi.  Reading Rhonda's blog which I first found a few years ago reminds us of the important of good living, purposeful living and seeing the everyday in our lives.  Here is a little iphone pic of my kids James (9) and Sienna (7) at the local Farmers Markets with would you believe it a little piggy.  You can imagine all the "little little piggy went to market" jokes that the kids and I came up with.  We were buying our wonderful organic sausages from Bonny Beef and next door was the Bacon stall and this little tiny pig running around so we just had to have a photo with him.  Apparently he had hurt himself so he wasn't going to be turned into bacon.  Remember the little "makin bacon" little game with the two plastic piggies...we had a fun morning so here's a few local market pics from a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Really enjoyed seeing photos of your family at the farmers' market - I always find it so interesting to learn about how things are in other parts of the world. Looks like it was well attended? And a very sweet little piggy :).

  2. Hello Kathy. I'm over from Rhonda's Down to Earth blog. Lovely photographs of you and your children at the Farmers Market. We have a great Farmers Market at the Powerhouse/New Farm Park in Brisbane and I love going there on a Saturday morning. It's on twice a month. I'm looking forward to following your blog.