Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baking in the Country - Month 2 - May 2013

Last month my friend Karin and I made a date to catch up and do some baking out of "The Homemade Pantry" book which I wrote about here.  We decided to catch up once a month and go through recipes, have coffee, (many) and lunch and spend the day together which is really enjoyable.  Today was our second baking day and we made "Maple Popcorn" which was sooooo good, a slice with oats, nuts, sultanas, chocolate etc. which was a no bake slice and I made minestrone soup for lunch (I took my Thermomix with me) which cooks the soup for you without stirring.  The soup was good because it rained all day so it's nice to be warmed up with hot soup.  We had a lovely day together and the kids were pretty thrilled after I picked them up from school and had the Maple Popcorn for afternoon tea.  We had left over Minestrone Soup for dinner tonight which was quick and easy for me and early bedtime for my two kids as they are exhausted and to think we have got to get through another 3 weeks before school's going to be a long 3 weeks as James is exhausted more so than Sienna.  Here's some pictures of the Maple Popcorn and Karin was very creative with her red cardboard and we made little cones to put the popcorn in for the kids.

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