Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bike Ride

Two years ago when we moved house I promised the kids we would all get bikes so we could go on bike rides together.  Well the kids got bikes but I never got around to getting one for myself and also needed to purchase a bike rack as I have an adult bike and currently the kids bikes just go in the boot of the car which is quick and easy.  Last week I organized a bike rack, a bike and helmet for myself and off we went on our first official family bike ride along a bike track not too far from home.  We had to drive to the starting point of the bike track which went past the paddock of cows in the middle of suburbia.  Everyone uses the phrase "it's like riding a bike" or "it's like getting back on the bike" however I have not been on a push bike for in excess of 20 years I think so I was a little wobbly to start with which I didn't expect.

We went on a bike ride took some photos and got some fresh air and exercise.  Right at the end of the bike ride I realized that my seat was up way to high and it had been put up high by the bike shop owner so the "attached bar" would be level when I put the bike on the rack.  I completely forgot to put the seat back down before I rode it so I think next time it will be better.  I did pull off the side of the bike path onto longish grass and stopped and fell off to which some kind person called out was I okay and I replied yes (after all it was just grass and not a concrete path).  I was a little bit embarrassed but not overly since I seriously had not been on a bike what seems like forever but the kids loved it and we will go on more family rides in the future.  Here's a few pic's of our little family bike ride.

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  1. Love it. Your bike it quite like mine check out the post about it