Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Library Make Over

Our local library has been going through a huge renovation in the past few months and it's having opening celebrations on the 15th June, 2013.  They have added a huge deck to two sides of the library and are also getting a little coffee vendor shortly like they do at the Ashgrove Library.

At the front of the library they have planted and Orchid of Lemon and Lime trees and Annette McFarlane was involved in the team of consultants on the library makeover and will be there on the day of celebrations.  The library are going to get local interested gardeners to volunteer and attend to the trees.  The theme for the whole library is Lemons and Limes which is reflected in the metal fretwork and green and yellow stripes on the glass doors etc. and the big murals inside the library.

It looks amazing and I know that the kids and I will get a lot of use out of the lovely space on the deck over the holidays.  Hopefully they will have a coffee vendor by then as I know they have tenders out for that position at the moment.  They will be having the little coffee cart which is locked up and makes so much sense because they don't have to run an entire coffee shop but provide coffee so it's a great fit I think.  The deck is just beautiful and overlooking the park you couldn't get a better spot.

Libraries all over Australia are in prime locations and it makes sense to make these function more like a community centre rather than just a place for loaning books.  The "what's on" library booklets that have been coming out of the library this year have been amazing in terms of the size of the little booklet, the organic look and feel to the booklet and what courses and community groups are doing and is more in touch with what people in 2013 are looking for.  I am thrilled that we have such a great look new library and last week the kids each got their own Library Cards which they were excited about.  It now means that I have to keep track of 3 library cards now not 1 now but James really wanted a card on his own so we filled out the paperwork and now they both have them.  These days you can borrow 20 items and they have cds', dvd's not so many great movies but lots of tv show series etc.  I was wanting the River Cottage series but they didn't have it which I was surprized about.  Years ago you used to get 3-5 books and that was it so the library is an amazing resource and great that it has still been provided to the community all these years for free.  We do pay 80 cents to order a book in which is a regular occurrence with James however I'm happy to do that because he is the avid reader and it means I'm not buying a $20 book each time.  Have you checked out your local library facilities lately?

Here's some photos from our wonderful new look library, orchard and deck.

Below is was what the Library looked like before.


  1. I am eventually catching up with all the simple living posts. Your library is stunning - I was so sad to hear the statistics on the 7.30 report last night. So many kids and adults who have gone through school and still don't know how to read and write. I am so glad that libraries are keeping up with the times and finding different ways to keep kids interested in reading.

  2. This is such a stunning place! Your lovely photos really showcase it beautifully. Books, a deck surrounded by trees, and coffee - I'd be moving in!

  3. I'm a big fan of our local libraries in Brisbane. I've travelled to various libraries around the suburbs to see Annette McFarlane. She's brilliant, and so generous, we always come away with a pack of seeds, cuttings or a plant. This is a great encouragement to go home and get gardening. And the BCC Whats on in Brisbane Libraries book is brilliant. I just picked up the new one yesterday at New Farm library.