Saturday, July 20, 2013

Home Grown Potatoes

Last year we grew some potatoes and we were so excited about it that we grew a few more this year.  Not a huge harvest but enough to have a few potatoes and rosemary on the BBQ grilled.  The kids had fun digging around in the tubs to collect their little potatoes.


  1. The bags were bought from the local nursery although I'm sure Bunnings would sell them. There is a little Velcro flap at the bottom so you can get the potatoes out however we just ended up went through the top. Peter Cundal who used to be on Gardeningn Australia has great tips on growing potatoes which you could find if you google it. Kathy

  2. Those spuds look brilliant.
    My daughter in law managed to get some bags like that from Green Harvest up at Maleny.
    Great with the door in the side.