Monday, July 22, 2013

New Home for Bees

The kids and I went to Regional Flavours at Southbank over the weekend which we have been to for the past three years and we always look forward to it.  While we were there we purchased a little home for the bees which now proudly sits on top of my retractable clothesline ready for some bees to nest.  We purchased it from Ingrid at City Chicks where we bought our chickens from.  Ingrid has all sorts of things now like soap making, cheese making, yoghurt making etc. which I think is great.  She also sells native bees and hives which one day would be great to own however they are out of our price range at the moment so for now we'll provide a little home for bees that visit our place.  Here's a few pics from Regional Flavours and our new home for bees which is made locally.

1 comment:

  1. What a cute bee home. Making a native bee home is something I want to try. You've inspired me to move it up my 'to do' list :-)