Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cancelling Delivery of the White Pages and Yellow Pages Directories

Before the internet the annual White Pages and Yellow Pages Telephone Directories were your life line to your friends, family and tradies, mechanics and businesses.  I always remember in business having to make sure we had our businesses in both the White and Yellow Pages way before the books were produced because if you forgot to update it, or spelt the entry incorrectly it was another year before you could correct it.  I used to proof read these bills and entries about 10 times to make sure they were correct before paying the invoice.

For the past number of years when these books arrive on my doorstep I end up throwing them directly into the recycle bin as I don't use them any more.  I hate doing this because it's a waste of money, a waste of trees and a waste of time them being delivered to my house however they just keep turning up every year anyway.

I remember a couple of years back they actually reduced the size of the print in the white pages and even with my reading classes on I was flat out reading it which is just crazy because if anything, it is the older generation who aren't on the internet who would probably still enjoy having the hard copy book around however if I couldn't read the print I think that a senior citizen would be flat out reading it too.  I think a lot of people did complain about it and they changed it back but it was a silly move in my opinion to do it in the first place.  It's all very well to reduce the size of the book to save money but if people can't read them what is the point anyway.

This morning I was reading "The Greening of Gavin's" blog and he did a post with a link to a website where you can cancel your delivery of the White Pages, the Yellow Pages or both in under 1 minute flat.  Simple and easy and I have just done it.  There are two tabs, "Delivery" or "Cancel" so just click on the "Cancel" and enter your postcode and it will bring up the months that your books get delivered and you can cancel one of them or both of them.  Super easy and once you enter the postcode, your name, address, email and phone number and submit it sends an email to your inbox where you just need to click on the confirm link and it's all done in under a minute (if you are a fast at typing like I am) or it may take you two minutes.  Either way it was very quick and as I don't need the books I am doing them a favour.  Here's the link to the site if you are interested in cancelling your delivery of the phone books to your place.


  1. Yes, your photo shows graphically what he alternative to cancelling is ... Good for you for reminding us all!

  2. Thanks for sharing this information!

  3. Hi Kathy,

    I live in Brisbane too, but am moving up to the Sunshine Coast next year. I saw that article by Gavin and told all the families of the kindergarten class I teach. I agree Neurum Creek is lovely, I have stayed there a couple of times already.

  4. I tried cancelling my yellow/white pages delivery as i never use them & unfortunately they are still getting delivered.