Saturday, November 23, 2013

Adventures in Cup Cake Making

James turns 10 this Wednesday and I find the double digits seem quite significant.  I mean 9 still sounds like he's little but 10 sounds like a teenager to me even though I know it's nothing like it.  All that being said let me take you back to James when he turned 5 on the 27th November, 2008 when he was in kindy.  I wanted to make him some Spiderman Cupcakes to take to kindy as he was right into Spiderman at the time.  So I'm thinking red icing with a blue spiderweb drawn on the top with a tube of bought icing.  I was not very good at cupcake icing and I'm not ashamed to admit it however the picture in my head and the end result were bi-polar opposites.  As I had made them the day before he had to take them to kindy I just sent them along with him as is and to be honest I was totally embarrased but told James they were scary cupcakes.  At the time I thought that the pink icing if you put more in would turn red....first turned grape colour and not very nice and in the end I put a J on each cake and I think with James help.  So here is my effort making James some cupcakes to take to kindy for his 5th birthday back in 2008.  I'll be back later in the week with a post on the finished cupcakes for his birthday.

This year's cupcakes for James to take to school will have a Lego Chocolate piece on top of them and I have already made 30 of these using a Lego Mould that I borrowed from my friend Karin.  She purchased it some time ago from The Lego Education Centre at South Brisbane.  Let me tell you I have come a long way in 5 years with how I produce a birthday cupcake that I'm not embarrassed by.  The kids are going to totally love these chocolate pieces of Lego on top of the cakes.

Here's a look back at James when he turned 5 and what he was into then.  It was all about Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear and a Power Rangers costume.

I love this picture of him talking on the phone to Nanny & Pop in Melbourne.  They rang to wish him a Happy Birthday and to find out how his day was.  I love how he is just casually talking on the phone while sitting on the stairs in his Power Ranger and at the same time playing with his new robotic arm that his Granny (my Mum) gave him.

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  1. Cup cake decorating seems simple until giving it a shot ... If you don't know much about it then yes it can be a shock what you end up with! I don't have any children of my own yet, but I look forward to their "phases" and will probably force my children to like toy story :)
    Hopefully your son enjoys his 10th birthday, I can understand it being a big change from a 9 year old... It does seem like a jump from child to teen! Good luck! Look forward to seeing your cup cake creations :)