Saturday, November 9, 2013

Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

My sister gave me the best and easiest Chocolate Cake Recipe a number of years ago and I have been passing it around to friends and family ever since.  The best thing about this recipe is there is no mixing the butter with the sugar, then adding eggs and then flour etc.  It's a "throw everything in the bowl together and it doesn't actually matter which order and turn on your mix master for 5 minutes and it's done.  It is so simple and everyone who tries the recipe for the first time loves it for that very reason.  Everyone who eats the cake for the first time always comments on how lovely it is.  This recipe is the "standard go to" chocolate cake recipe and even my MIL who has been a great cook for many years has swapped over to this recipe and loves it.

The beauty about this Chocolate Cake recipe as well it you can make the mixture into anything you want.  Two round cakes, Muffins, Mini Muffins, Bar Cake, Heart Cake it's endless.  There is no halving the recipe because there are 3 eggs so if you make the recipe just make a few things and freeze them.

This cake tastes just as good baked fresh or frozen and then thawed out.  The cake is perfectly fine to have with no icing, just a sprinkle of icing sugar on top makes it look amazing.  The cake is really soft and rich and in my opinion the best Chocolate Cake recipe as it's so delicious.  So get out your mix master, throw in the ingredients and turn it on mix for 5 minutes and it's done.

Today I made a cake with my new Aldi cake tin, 6 muffins and 6 mini muffins with the one mixture.  Naturally the cooking times of all these things were different as the mini muffins were done in about 10 mins, the big muffins took a little longer and the cake took a lot longer than that.  If you are using all the mixture for one big cake it could take up to an hour to cook and my cake whilst small, it was very deep in the middle part so it took a while to cook.  I can't remember how long it was however I just put my timer on and checked it with a skewer every 10 mins or so.  I used "Royal Icing" on my cakes today as I love it when the icing sets hard on the cakes.  I used this icing recipe.  

Chocolate Cake Recipe


            185 gms Butter (soft)
            2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Essence
            1 ¾ cups of Caster Sugar
            3 eggs
2 cups of Self Raising Flour
2/3rdS cup of Cocoa
1 cup of water


1.            Heat oven to 180 degrees (170 degrees fan forced)

2              Mix all ingredients together in electric mixer for 5 minutes

            Cooking times depends on what cake tin you use.  ie Muffin Tins, Mini Muffins, Cake Tins etc. Check with skewer method to see if cake is cooked.  Make sure you leave the cake in the cake tins to fully cool down in the tin as the cake is a light soft cake and if you take it out too soon it could fall apart.  The Muffins and Mini Muffins should cool in tins as well but it's not so delicate with these as the large cakes are.

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