Monday, November 11, 2013

Making Vanilla Extract

For a while now I have been wanting to make some Vanilla Extract and I needed to stop in at the bottle shop first to get a bottle of Vodka which I did last Friday afternoon.  I had already purchased the Vanilla Beans and a beautiful bottle from Spotlight so it was just a matter of spending 10 minutes and making it.  Sienna offered to help me and we firstly cut the Vanilla Beans down the middle, scraped out the vanilla paste and put it into the bottle along with the Vanilla Beans and then filled the bottle with Vodka.  It's so simple and I'm looking forward to how my little brew is going.

It takes about 6 weeks in your pantry for it to be ready and you can continuously top up the bottle with new Vanilla Beans and Vodka to keep it going. It was such a simple thing and it didn't take too long.  I've checked on the bottle this morning and already the colour is much darker than on Saturday morning.  I'll let you know how it goes but I'm thrilled that I have actually done it now.  A few years ago my sister and I did a Cup Cake Decorating course and the lady made her own Vanilla Extract which was the first time I had heard of it before.

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  1. I made this a few months ago too, so simple you wonder why you ever bought it! I love your bottle too. Cheers, Liz