Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My first Crochet Project

Just before Christmas I wrote about winning a Crochet Book on Julie's Blog in Canada and I had picked a pretty granny square pattern which had a flower on it which I had wanted to do because I thought it looked relatively easy.  On reviewing this pattern it said that it was "advanced" and I had also spotted another pattern in the book which I had taken a fancy too that I was thinking I would like to do.  This other pattern said it was for a "beginner" so that was quickly decided on which blanket I was going to crochet. The pattern itself is huge and would cover a king size bed so I'm going to make it half the size for a lovely throw rug.  In saying that, this probably will be a 3 year project but my heart has been wanting to get more crafty for a while now and these little squares are just the thing you can pick up and put down (once I get the hang of it again) and therefore an easy fill in 30 minutes with craft and can easily fit into the week's activities.  Maybe clean both bathrooms and then sit down for an hour and crochet....sounding good?

I also recently discovered a local Yarn shop which used to be where the scrapbooking shop was that I attended a few years ago.  The staff were very helpful and I was thrilled to pick up some merino wool for my crochet blanket.  This is the first time I've ever bought a skein of wool vs the ball of wool so that was also a new experience for me.  First I have to sort out my skeins into balls before I can start but it all sounds enjoyable and I'm pretty pleased that I've got some colours to start with.  The shop is going to get me a couple of other colours in like a yellow and a grape colour as they didn't have any in stock today.  I'm a bit nervous about starting this but I'm sure it will all come back to me after I manage to do one square.

Changing colours is something that I'm going to have to get used to as well so I might make one rough square to get the hang of it all and then I'll will be able to start making the rest of little squares.  I also like the fact that I supported a local Yarn shop and they provide expert advice.  Actually because my book is USA/Canadian where they call their stitches something different to ours and the ladies in the Yarn Shop pointed this out to me which I did not know.  She put a little post it note on my book with the conversion so when the pattern calls for one thing I just do another.  US call DC = AUS TC. and US SC = AUS DC.  The lady even did a little test square for me to show me how it all worked which was lovely of her and I have no doubt this will help me get started.  Believe it or not it's actually getting a little cool here at night in Brisbane so this will be a nice little project to work on. Here's a look at the pattern and some of the wool.


  1. That will be a nice project! Crochet is so addictive. I'm sure one project will lead you to another.. and another, in no time:)

  2. Go you Kathy! I'm sure that you will pick it all up in no time.

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Karen I'm looking forward to getting it under way. Kathy

  3. I have that pattern; was rather taken with it. But .... I also have been seduced by at least another two patterns, and still have to complete the projects I am working on at present - oops!!!

  4. Knitting or crochet is the perfect little by little craft project because it just sits there and waits for you to pick it back up again. I no find it impossible to watch TV without knitting because my hands feel empty without knitting needles in them. Those skeins are lovely, I've never bought skeins of wool before either

  5. I can't wait to see how you go! I'm sure you'll be an old pro in no time!

  6. I love the colors! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  7. Your colours are just beautiful, I am sure the blanket will be amazing.
    There is a site called "Lion brand Yarn" and they have heaps of free patterns and good inspiring pictures of knitting and crochet.....hope you have fun.

  8. Oh Kathy crochet is on my bucket list to learn this year and I've booked marked how to do a granny square which I'm yet to look at ;) I'll be keen to see how you progress.
    Jan x

  9. hi kathy,
    your colours are so beautiful. the springtime blanket is on my crochet list,too. I have the same book and i love it.
    have a nice weekend,