Monday, February 3, 2014

Update on our Garden

When you garden and plant your seed or seedlings it seems like forever before you can actually eat what you are growing.  I have mentioned this post before at Ock Du Spock about a Kitchen Garden in 6 weeks and this is my garden in 8 weeks.  Even with our really hot weather the garden has survived and is thriving.  We don't have a huge variety of things planted at the moment because two of our biggest crops corn and cucumber are taking up most of the veggie beds however we are thrilled just the same.  We are picking cucumber, lettuce, spring onions and coriander for our salads and wished my tomatoes were ready however they are going great as well as they just popped up in the garden themselves and I transplanted them to the last veggie box.  I have three more tomato plants in among the corn I'll be moving this afternoon as well.  It's awesome that in such a short space of time you can be eating veggies from your once empty garden.

Before 1st December, 2013

 After 3rd February, 2014


8 Weeks After



 8 Weeks After both veggie boxes

Before - corn planted 1st December, 2013

8 Weeks After 3rd February, 2014


  1. Hi Kathy, your veggie gardens have almost exploded with growth, they look awesome. I was wondering what size your veggie plots are? I have a small veggie garden and am looking to make it bigger and add another.

    1. Hi Lee, I've popped over to your blog with the details about the veggie garden however I'll post it here as well. The plots are 1.2m x 1.2m and I bought them from Bunnings for about $49. They used to be about $59 but have come down in price. They are in the outside area and you'll have to ask someone if you can't find them but where they have the "Birdie" metal veggie garden beds you'll see some timber with some plastic around the middle just stacked on top of one another. It is 8 planks of timber on top of one another with a little bag of screws taped to the inside of the timber. They have pre-drilled the holes so just take it home, fit the sides together and screw it all together. It's pretty quick and easy. Then just lay your box which has no bottom or lid onto the grass. I also bought a roll of weed mat to go in the bottom of the box so no weeds came through and then filled the box up with a "no dig garden" type set up. Mushroom compost, straw/lucerne, paper etc. Just google "no dig garden" and you can find a recipe to do this. If you get this right your veggies will thrive. You can also put your veggie box on top of concrete if you wish using the same principal since the mix you put in the box is what the plants are going to be growing in. I love those higher raised garden beds however they require an enormous amount of dirt just to get to the top of them for your plants to grow so half of it is just wasted. Anyway go to Bunnings and pick them up. Regards Kathy

  2. Garden looks great Kathy! Looks like you'll be eating corn pretty soon too. It's so cool watching a garden grow isn't it?! (Almost as good as eating from it :)

  3. Wow i can't believe they've all sprouted up so quickly - I'm looking forward to enjoying homegrown veggies again this summer but I'm hoping I have a bit more luck compared to last year!

  4. Oh my gosh, your garden looks wonderful! I can't wait until we thaw out here and the temps rise so I can begin to think about some plantings of my own!