Monday, March 10, 2014

Rag Quilt for James

I have finished sewing the Rag Quilt for James and now the easy/hard bit which is cutting all the seams.  It's an easy process and can be done while watching TV however your hands get pretty sore cutting through 6 layers of fabric, 2 of which are wadding.  Regardless of that little job ahead of me which I'll do some tonight and tomorrow then it's up to the exciting bit of washing it and popping it into the dryer. I wrote about the process when I made Sienna's quilt here.  I'm thrilled with this quilt and can't wait to see it after it's been cut, washed and dried to give it that rag effect.  I think I'll give it to James on Thursday or Friday afternoon after school depending upon how far I get with my cutting.

This is the top of the quilt which has now been sewn all around the outside as well so I just need to start cutting all the seams.

This is the wonderful backing fabric.  You will notice some of the blue words on white towards some of the edges of the fabric on the sides but this won't matter because once it's all cut, it's just white fabric with blue on it.


  1. Wow ... what lovely zingy colours :-)

  2. It's looking great - James is going to be so excited! I'm hoping to get my quilt finished by this weekend - I just have the binding left to do now so hopefully if that goes well I'll have a finished quilt to share soon!

    And thank you so much for your lovely words about my race - I haven't stopped smiling since I read them :)

  3. Looks awesome Kathy! He's going to love it!