Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A trip to the Nursery

You'll be pleased to know that we walked to school 4 mornings last week which was great and the kids love it.  James went on camp yesterday and we had to be at school at 6.30 am and I had also decided that I didn't want to walk on Monday's and we would attempt to walk any of the other four days.  This morning after getting up early yesterday instead of walking to school I said to Sienna we would walk home from school in the afternoon.  It was a glorious afternoon with stunning clouds (we love looking at clouds in our family) and we stopped in at the Nursery to pick up some lettuce and leeks to plant in the garden.  We purchased two punnets so we could still walk home with the backpack, the camera, a bag and the plants.  Here's a few photos of our afternoon.

I love love love looking at cloud formations against a blue sky.

This line was caused from an aeroplane in the sky, also very interesting.

Another part of the local mural we walk past on the way from school.

This indicates I've made it to school.

Sienna at the Nursery.

We spotted one of my favourite flowers.

More plants to discover.

These flowers smell great Mum.

Right, now back to the walking home from school bit.

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