Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Morning Walk to School

Life with 2 small children is pretty busy and naturally I get tired trying to fit everything in.  That being said this year we moved to a school closer to home and I had promised the kids we would walk to school because we are only 2 kms from school and it would keep us fit.  With the start of school in summer with sweltering 30-35 degrees it's just two hot to walk and quietly I admit I'm just plain lazy and of course it's easier to drive.  Well today we embarked on our little 2 km walk to school, well for them anyway, I had to walk back home which is mostly up hill but just the same we really enjoyed our little walk being out in the fresh air and sunshine.  I took the camera along with us to document our journey to school.


  1. Well that walk everyday will help keep you fit and what a great example it sets for your kids.

  2. Such lovely things to record for the future - I can just imagine your children saying 'oh, I remember that!' And I had no idea that magpies could be such a problem ...

    1. Alexa, they do attack during mating/nesting season. Cyclists here tie "cable ties" to their helmets so that they stick up in the air off their looks so funny but apparently it's effective. PS... we walked again to school today and chatted and the kids loved it. Regards Kathy

  3. Good on you for starting! Such a great habit to get into :) Looks like a nice walk too!