Sunday, August 17, 2014

Simple Living - Green Cleaning Shower Cleaner

Recently I came across a recipe for a "green" shower cleaner which I thought I would try.  It's called "Moo Super Strength Shower Cleaner" from the blog "Debt Free, Cashed Up and Laughing".  My shower was in a terrible state because I got lazy.  Over the past couple of years after my shower I have always used a window squeegee to get all the water and steam off the tiles and glass and then lastly I do the floor.  This process takes less than two minutes and really makes a huge difference in keeping your shower clean.  I can go for a few months with it still looking sparkly by doing this however I had stopped this process (note it requires a lot of bending and stretching from the top of the tiles to the bottom of the tiles near the floor).  By doing this there is no grime build up from shampoo or soap on the tiles and glass because each time it is wiped away and makes a huge difference to the build up that requires cleaning.

Over the past few months the kids have been having a shower in my shower because the other bathroom shower rose needs fixing and it won't stay upright so there are three of us using my en suite shower.  Along with more people, I've stopped doing my little one minute job of wiping and hence the shower was in a terrible state which is quite embarrassing however this is real life and life gets messy sometimes so I'm posting these photos to show you there's a great way to clean them.  

I sprayed the entire shower area walls first, then the floor and then I got out of there and left it for about 15 minutes.  If your shower is not as dirty as this was 5 minutes would be all you need however I wanted to leave mine on for longer.  Once I was ready I put a towel on the floor so I could stand in the shower because remember this cleaner is made up of 50% washing liquid which is extremely slippery so I stood on a towel so I could work my way around all the tiles on the wall and then the glass and then I backed out of the shower and keeled on the towel so I could work my way around the slippery floor.  I then turned on the shower to clean off what I could and where that didn't reach I used a jug of water to wash everything else down.  I was very happy and even though I did have to use some elbow grease this time, I know next time it will be a breeze.  I am happy with this cleaner and will be using it again and it takes about 2 minutes to make it up and put it in a pretty spray bottle.  I just want to say again that this cleaner is "slippery" and make sure you stand on an old towel in the shower and don't attempt to step on the floor tiles after you've sprayed because it's too dangerous and you could have a fall.  And with that word of caution I'm thrilled that I have found this cleaner and will continue to use it again.  Also I stayed in my pj's when I was doing this and after the shower was clean I then put them in the wash because you end up getting wet.

Here's what it looked like before I sprayed everything with the "Moo Super Strength Shower Cleaner"

Another before of the build up of dirt, soap and shampoo.

The tiles on the wall together with my grimy floor tiles.

Here's what it looked like when you walked into the shower.

This is the start of the cleaning and I was using a Bamboo Cloth which is textured.

Here's the clean shower tiles and shower screen....

And the clean floor tiles.

I still need to check out Rhonda's blog for cleaning mold so that will be the next step to give some of these areas the once over.

No build up on these tiles now.

And the floor is so much better as well.


  1. Wow that worked really well! I'll have to try that. I guess that means no more messages on the shower glass :)

    1. I saw a message this morning from James that said "HALO" (an x-box game) would have preferred "GUITAR"......xx

  2. Would love to use vinegar but the two men in my house (Aspie's) forbid it. It stinks. I even cook my slow cooker meals out in the pergola because it stinks, apparently. Dont mind eating it, just dont want to smell it. Hence, the steam mop seams a good compromise. The Karcher one has a continuous fill that you dont even have to remove from the machine. Just pour it in.

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