Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October - List of Things to Do

I'm a big fan of "To Do" Lists and I usually have a few going at a time as one will be in the study, one will be in the kitchen and I usually end up with one on my beside table as well.  There are other creative projects outside the "To Do List" like Photo Books I would like to create for our memories so lists everywhere.  I've decided to put a small "To Do List" on the fridge of things that I want to accomplish in the month of October.  I still have a master list with everything else on it however just having a few things on the fridge should be achievable and a reminder every time I open the fridge I'll see it.

I previously did a post on some rolls of shelf protectors that I had in my kitchen cupboards for years so that has inspired me to go through my kitchen cupboards and de-clutter.  We've been in this house for over 3.5 years and things are basically in the same place in the kitchen as they were when they were emptied from my moving boxes.  I have a few times sorted things from time to time but not a big declutter of things that are doubles or I find I just don't use any more so that's on the October list.

The other thing I have put on the list is to get some photos printed for the empty frames in the lounge room.  I got some help from my brother in law to put 3 amazing frames on the wall over 2.5 years ago and they are still on the wall without photos in them.  Embarrassing I know, since I have thousands of photos to choose from however I couldn't decide what sort of photos I wanted in these frames.  Black and White or Colour photos or photos of our life now, or when the kids were little and since nothing was decided the frames are still empty.  The crazy thing is once the photos are picked it would take probably a total of 2 hours and the frames would be filled.  That includes driving to Harvey Norman to print the photos and coming home and popping the photoes in the frames yet for 2.5 years these frames have remained empty.  It has been an extremely stressful few years and sometimes other things take over my life and these things get left behind.  I've decided that in October I'll print and put some photos in these frames even if they aren't my "forever photos" to go in these frames at least they will have family photos in them.  I know it will be great when these frames are full of memories and I will think back on how ridiculous it was that it took me over 2.5 years to do this 2 hour job.  In my defense all I can say is "That's Life Isn't it".


  1. I love TO DO lists...I get such satisfaction when I cross an item you though I have several that have hung around for particular is sort out my laundry...when we moved here 2 1/2 years ago I just chucked everything in and when I open a door in there it's all over the place...hopefully I will get to it tomorrow...good luck with the picture frames...I'm sure the pics will be lovely .

  2. Aftet two and a half years those photos are going to make you smile every time you look at them!!

  3. Have you made soap before, ? it is stressful the first time, but really pretty easy after that. It is getting close to the deadline for having soap made and 6 weeks drying for Christmas giving, yikes, where do the days go ???

    1. Yes Margaret I have made soap once basically this time last year and I gave it out as Christmas presents and the rest of it lasted me until about a month ago. So I need to make another batch. Best soap ever....Kathy

  4. I love cleaning things out. My October is also going to be cleaning and organising. We have two sheds that are in desperate need of attention. First thing is to buys some shelves and get some permanent marker to put things in there place for good. I might get a little carried away.