Saturday, October 4, 2014

Strawberry Picking on the Holidays

One of the things I wanted to do these holidays was to go Strawberry Picking with the kids.  We've only been once before and that was when we moved into this house 3.5 years ago.  The Pick Your Own is open from June through to the end of October depending upon if the weather is really hot and then the season might end early.  We went to Rolin Strawberry Farm which is on the way to the Sunshine Coast and not to far from Brisbane.

The kids love it and the strawberries are amazing and it's also a fun activity to do so we were really pleased that we drove up there this afternoon and picked some lovely strawberries.  My two sisters and my niece came with us so we had a lovely time and at the end of picking and paying for our strawberries we had the most wonderful cold strawberry ice cream.

These cows and bulls were across the road from the Strawberry Farm.

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  1. What a great outing for the school holidays!