Thursday, November 20, 2014

The call of Nature

We had two sweltering days in Brisbane on the weekend and with my air conditioner broken there wasn't much point in bunkering down with a few DVD's and keeping cool so I decided to take the kids to Sandgate for the morning.  It was nice a breezy although after about an hour it was just as hot as anywhere else but a lovely morning.  I had checked the tide times on Saturday night and it was perfect for walking along the beach about 10.30 in the morning so off we went with the scooters, some morning tea, water bottles and a couple of buckets for shells.  Sienna could have been there all day and after about 15 mins James asked me "when are we going home" which can be a little frustrating when you've just driven 40 mins to get there.  I tried to ignore that and enjoyed walking on the corrugated sand and went to Sienna every time she had something new for her bucket when she called me over.

We had put sun cream on however I didn't put any on the back of my neck and it was red raw after 1.5 hours in the sun and I can't remember the last time I was sun burnt like that.  I think kids need to be around nature and even though James thought he had had enough after 15 minutes I'm sure it did him the world of good.  We were home in a couple of hours but it's nice to get out of the house for some fresh air.  Here's a few pics and Sienna was thrilled when she found a crab towards the end of our adventures.


  1. It was Incredibly hot over the weekend, glad you could get out and about. I hope your sunburn heals soon aloe vera could help. Where you affected by the storm yesterday, it cooled down for a while

  2. Hi Lee I was lucky enough to get rain but no hail and I didn't loose electricity which is good. The lawn needs it that's for sure. Kathy

  3. great photos! oh the beach looks fantastic right now compared to the chilly snow out my window