Monday, February 16, 2015

Meet Sienna's new Budgie

Sienna turns 9 on the 27th February and yesterday we picked up her birthday present early as it was ready for collection.  A beautiful little hand reared little budgie and his name is "Blue" or "Bluey" at this stage.  It's just adorable and this is the perfect gift for my little nature lover.  Aunty Lisa (my sister) has a Cocktiel and Sienna loves visiting Aunty Lisa's bird.  Lisa's bird "Lucky" woof whistles at you and always makes my day when I visit.  Also when we park our car in her carpark and call out to Lucky who is on the balcony a couple of stories up he whistles back at us which is so cute and it always makes us laugh and smile.

Lisa printed a about a dozen pages of information about how to look after the Budgie and also typed up a little list of "What to do daily" ie check seed and water etc. and what to do "Weekly" clean the cage.  She also included the little iPhone pics that I had taken 2 weeks ago when we went to pick which budgie she wanted when it only had half it's feathers.  It was such a lovely little book and Lisa was just as excited as Sienna about getting the bird.  "Bluey" is a dear little thing that's for sure and is going to be a lovely addition to our family.

Take a look at these adorable photos taken yesterday afternoon.

James was doing a "get to know me" while Sienna was having her shower.

Sienna in bed reading her book Aunty Lisa made her with information on how to look after her Budgie.


  1. I think Bluey has found a wonderful new home. Jan x

    1. He's such a lovely little thing and the fact that she can get him out of the cage and hold it means so much more. Kathy

  2. How lovely that the new budgie can be allowed out and make friends up-close-and-personal! And a wonderful accompanying guide from auntie - Siena AND her little bird are lucky to have plopped into such a great family.

  3. How lovely to have a budgie to train from a baby. He is too cute for words.