Sunday, March 22, 2015

Some interesting Internet Reads

I thought you might like to take a look at these articles that I have found interesting.  It's nice to see what other people find on the interest outside of your own little blog reads.  Crab a coffee and take a look at a few of things.

How to paint an Abstract Art Piece for your home with very detailed instructions with pictures and words from Kristine from The Painted Hive.

Continuing with Kristine's blog here's a link to her most popular how to posts. My favourite is her instructions for doing labels for her jars for the pantry.

From Whole30 instructions on making the perfect Mayonnaise.  Once you've got the Mayonnaise you can make any number of these variations.

A link from Rhonda's Down to Earth Weekend Reading last week is this link about organizing your flours.

The recipe for the carrot cake above was in my last "Interesting Internet Reads" with the recipe here.

If you are into knitting here is a beautiful blanket you could try.

I love this blog calls "She Makes Hats" as Robyn knits hats and gives them away.  She also makes up patterns and had a shop on Etsy but recently changed it so that her patterns are free also.  She knits every day and makes lots of hats and is very inspiring lady.  She's a Mum to two young kids and loves to knit.  If I was a knitter I would love to make one of these to carry around the yarn.

Remember I posted about the Canberra father and son and their "Flow Hive" wanting to raise $70,000 well they are now up to $7M raised in 4 weeks.  They hit $1M in a day $2M day two and it has grown from their.  I suggest these two men can stop worrying about money in the future and can focus on their business.

I posted this recipe for Seeded Crispbread about a year ago and they were yummy.

And for the mothers, breastfeeding a post from Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves blog.  It's normal for this to be difficult and you are not alone in all the emotions that go along with breastfeeding your baby.

I found this post from Brooke from "Slow your Home" very comforting about having rhythms to your days.

A Multi-Grain version of the No Knead Bread which I would like to try.

A post from Live, Love Simple and how Dena saved $10,000 in 6 months.

I hope you find some of these posts interesting.

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  1. Hi Kathy. It's lovely to get back into the blogging world after my break from both writing, and following, blogs. This post is giving me lots of reading to work through over the weekend. Might not leave the house at all!