Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Around Here

We had a lovely Easter and ate too many Easter Eggs and I confess to eating too many because the actual big day but hey that's life and my addiction to chocolate.  I did make some healthy minestrone soup yesterday to give my body some healthy veggies to make up for it. 

Home made Minestrone Soup.

Afternoon light on my Lavender Bush

 From her doorway I saw Sienna on her bed drawing a scene from her book she was reading.

My sister (Aunty Lisa) made these little marshmallow bunnies for Easter.

Lindt Chocolate Bunnies from Nanny & Pop.

Sienna found this empty snack skin along the side fence curled amongst the vine.

 And the end of the snake...this freaked me out.

The Easter Bunny has been.

I loved what Sienna wrote in her card. Dear Easter Bunny this Easter I would like an Easter Bilby because I would like to support the Bilby now. Thank you from Sienna. (this girl melts my heart).

I made a delicious Quiche for dinner with loads of salad.

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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all :). Though I must confess to a bit of a shiver about the snake too. Hoping all that plaster and bandage will be off before long ...