Friday, May 15, 2015

Around Here

Around here the kids have been having fun outdoors and James had his first game of football since his cast was taken off and received the "Player of the Week" award so he was thrilled.

This is James helping me with a photo shoot...yes anything goes.

Sienna mowing the lawn the old fashioned way.

Ready for Mother's Day breakfast.

Granny (my Mum) with James and Sienna.

Yum..we love our local cafe.

Double yum, my breakfast.

Footy training before the Friday night game.

Sienna being inventive with the power wing and the spare seat from the boot of the car.

She is having a ball on the driveway with this contraption she made.

Home made Foccacia.

James reading his book which he has now finished.

Taco's for dinner.


  1. Congratulations to James for getting player of the week:) And Sienna looks like a hard worker and very creative too, something my youngest would do too:) Your foccacia looks fantastic and tacos are always a favourite in our house too. Have a good week.

  2. That foccacia looks delish and it looks like lots has been going on.

  3. Great photos of you and your family Kathy, well done James and I really think Sienna is amazing doing the lawns!! Your focaccia looks the goods!! Jan x

  4. Yah for casts coming off! And your focaccia looks yum :)

  5. So glad to hear the cast is off, and well done to James! Love the photo of Sienna on her contraption - she is very imaginative. We have a push-along lawn mower here too - no electric noise for us either :).