Friday, June 19, 2015

Around Here

One more week of school and then we are half way through the school year which is hard to believe.  Here's what's been happening at our place.  I am completely lacking in photos of James this week as he didn't complete in the Sports Day due to a sore back and was off school with high temps earlier on in the week.

I love this photo of Sienna as she realized she was in for a 1st Place in the Shot Put and was terribly excited waiting for the announcement at the School Sports Day yesterday.

Hard at work running the 800 metres race. 

A collection of 1st, 2nd and 3rd her best efforts to date.

 Helping Karin cut up these lemonade fruits and juicing them.

My friend Karin on the juicing side of the bench.

Backyard flowers in the rain.

The lavender bush, a beautiful plant even without the flowers.

I photograph the one Autumn tree near our place each year and these are some of the fallen leaves.

My new red shoes among the Autumn leaves.

My beautiful girl.

Scenes from Autumn.

Sienna and her cuts and scrapes...always the sign of an active little person.

Rainy days and Autumn leaves in our neighbourhood.


  1. You take lovely photos :). That one of Sienna at the top is just perfect. And the bare feet in the autumn woods is a great shot too ... I can't believe it's autumn with you already. I am not sure I could take my shoes off to stand in the grass here even though we are approaching the longest day and the temperature will struggle to get to 15C today, and has been mostly around 13C max. Love those bright preppy shoes!

    1. One thing with kids is they don't feel the cold I think Sienna was wearing shorts as well. We are mid way through our first month of winter here but I always rug up. Kathy