Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Around Here - Backyard Edition

Often it's the things that we see everyday around us that appear to be insignificant at the time that one day in many years to come might mean more to us than it does at this moment.  Take the humble everyday backyard for example.  The veggie patch is pretty well non existent at the moment except for one very lonely tomato however I still like to spend some time wandering around the backyard taking photos of what is well "just the backyard" in July 2015.

At the side of the house looking towards the backyard.

Looking up - our TV antenna.

Our Ikea hangers we use to peg the clothing on the line.  Check out my Washing Process here.

Pretty red tips have started to appear on this bush.

Our humble backyard washing line which I love.  It's half in the sun and half under cover.

Towards the chicken coop.

This trampoline has been worth it's weight in gold for the past 4 years.

The trumpet creeper is flowering everywhere in Brisbane at the moment and I love it.

My little tomato plant.

Sienna's cubby house made with as many brightly coloured beach towels as she could find.

Sienna was here - my crafty daughter.

Looking down.

Home grown goodness....these golden eggs still bring us great happiness.

Another one of the trumpet vine.

Looking out the front.

A close up of these beautiful orange beauties.

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