Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Tradition

Last week I discovered that Santa's Sleigh would be going through our suburb and visiting a different area each night over a 7 day period.  Last night it was our local area however our Street wasn't one of the ones listed as there is not enough time to visit every single street so we drove 2 kms to where Santa would be going through the streets.  This tradition is one that has been going in our suburb since 1978 some 37 years and during that time it has been run by two different local charity organizations and they collect donations along the way.  This is something that I remember as a child growing up here and in fact my Mum asked me about this the other day and I said the tradition is still going strong and was happening this week.  We've lived back here since June 2011 but I had forgotten about this tradition so was pleased to show my kids this year.

Santa's Sleigh actually goes up the Street I grew up in and I would have loved to have photos of my kids and Santa outside our old house however the Santa run goes from 6.00 to 8.30 pm and didn't feel like waiting in the street until he arrived as I didn't know exactly what time that would be so we just drove around and found him, parked the car and got out said hi to Santa, got a lolly and some pics and went home.  


  1. Is Sienna on crutches? Oh no, what happened? melindi

    1. She was running in the back yard and there was a dip in the lawn (like a pot hole) and her foot went straight over. This was as a result of a while back raining and her jumping in the puddle only to leave a hole which I filled up with lose dirt and grass grew over but it wasn't back to solid ground...Kathy

    2. It's sprained badly not broken (thank goodness) with summer here and water activities.