Friday, May 27, 2016

Flat Breads

I recently wrote about Rhonda's new book from Down to Earth Blog and couldn't wait to make the flat breads.  I ended up making them last week and they we so soft and fully and really nice that I will be making them again. They didn't take long to make and these will be a regular thing in our household.

I was nominated by Fiona at Life at Arbordale Farm for a Leibster Award this week and I am thinking about the answers and also new questions for other bloggers.  Stay tuned as I will be posting this in the next few days.  I have enjoyed reading Fiona's blog and whilst they have now moved from their farm they are working on their life plan to move to their farm in NZ later on in the year and also welcoming a much wished for baby into their excited for them.


  1. Your flatbreads look great Kathy....what did you serve them with. I love them with dip but have never tried to make my own. I'm inspired to give them a go !!

    1. I had them the first time with hummus and the 2nd time we had a creamy pasta for dinner and served them with yum and soooo easy.