Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Around here

We've had a lovely couple of weeks with my sister and her husband visiting from Perth so lots of coffees and a few lunches at the club and a $35 win on Keno for me which was exciting.  One of my sisters won $650 and $198 so had more luck than me.  We usually spend $20 or so playing 1 cent machine to make it last longer.  My win paid for lunch and a bit of fun so I was more than happy with that.  Here's a few pics.

Enjoying lunch at The Dayboro Bakery with Mum and my 3 sisters and my kids.

First family pic of 2018 which I love.

3 of the 4 sisters with the middle one being my sister from Perth.  This photo was taken by Sienna.

Sienna is old enough to be covering her own school books this year and loved decorating them.

After it had cooled down a little bit we went for a late afternoon bike ride to the park.

Here's a few links you might be interested in.

Want to learn how to make the perfect scramble eggs which I read about here.

A post from back in 2013 with Sienna at age 8 helping make our very first Home Made Vanilla extract.

As it's the start of the year you might be interested in the little app called 1 Second Everyday.  I discovered this app a couple of years ago but I didn't have enough storage on my phone so I haven't done one.  I'm going to attempt to do it again this year.  Watch this 6 min video for inspiration.

A blogger I follow has done it for the past 2 years and shares her tips on using the app 1 Second Everyday.  The video for the 365 days ends up as a 6 minute video of the year.  I've seen a few and they are amazing.  This was her first video in 2016 and her second video in 2017.  If you miss a day you can just use footage from another day and once they videos are loaded into the app I believe you can then delete them from your phone if you are low on storage.