Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Things have been fairly quiet on the "simple and meaningful life" however going camping over the weekend is certainly all about simple living.  Bike tracks, paddles in the river and camp fires all contribute to slowing down and enjoying life.  Well, with 4 families and lots of kids it's never slowing down but you feel as if you can slow down because there is no ironing, washing and shopping to be done unless it's for more ice at reception.  There is however cooking, feeding and supervising one activity after the next, but you get my drift.  I've posted more pictures on my other blog "Our Everyday Life in Pictures" here.

Camping is so good for kids and even though it's a lot of work getting the gear ready and packed into the car, set up when you get there and packing up on the way back and then sorting it out when you get home.....it is just so good for kids and I love it too.  Here's a few pics of our adventures this weekend.

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