Friday, February 11, 2022

Around here

How is everyone going nearly half way through February.  Now school is back in person this week the school lunch and morning drop off and pick up routines are well into place.  It feels like months since I've done that however here we are with one in Grade 11 and one starting Uni Orientation next week.

Last week I made Golden Syrup in the Thermomix for the first time and surprisingly I didn't even know you could make it.  I had printed the recipe and when we ran out I whipped some up and it felt really good that I didn't need to make another trip to the shops as I can make it at home using this recipe with only 4 ingredients.

I don't buy clothes these days however I do get enjoyment out of buying books about simple living, homesteading, cooking etc. and my three books I ordered arrived within a couple of days of one another.  You can see the ones I bought in the images below.  One other one that just arrived is Practising Simplicity.  I was reading Jodi's blog 10 years ago and loved her stories of Motherhood, the ordinary days and her photography.  A few years ago they sold most of their possessions, bought a caravan and travelled parts of Australia.  They have now settled in Tasmania where they have purchased their very first home and are loving it.  I have flipped through the book and cannot wait to sit down and read it.

Here's a few photos I have taken lately.

Party lights at Sunset in the backyard.

Our Budgie Ricky.

New books I ordered online.

Making flat breads for dinner using Rhonda's recipe from her book.  I only use 1/2 teaspoon of the salt.  250gms Self Raising Flour, 250gms Natural Yoghurt, 1 Teaspoon Sea Salt, 1 Teaspoon Baking Powder.