Monday, February 18, 2019

Around here

Around her I am managing to keep our veggies alive and I've planted some corn hoping that it's not too late in the season for it to grow.  Sienna went on Music Camp for four days down to NSW and had a great time.  I'm so over this heat and we have another week of 30 something degrees this week which is crazy.

We also bought some wool to crochet a beanie for winter as I wanted to get crafty and while the pattern seemed basic I had to pull out my 2nd row 3 times however I've now got it sorted and am on my way.  I have never done any crochet into the back of the stitch before so this is new for me and not all that easy to be honest however, I'm past those first few rows so now have something to hang on to when crocheting.  Here's a few pics for you. sourdough starter...a non event..back to the drawing board on that one.

Off to Music Camp for four days.

These kids of mine are growing fast.

Pancakes for breakfast, yum yum..

Our beautiful little bird Ricky who says "Ricky who's a good boy"

My sisters bird who comes and stays when she is travelling.

My flower pots.

This plant was nearly dead just before Christmas and I brought it back to life.

Finally managed to get some of this as Bunnings do not sell this particular one.  It was recommended by Stay Home Instead.