Sunday, November 20, 2022

Around here

Around here there's one week left of school for 2022 and I will have one child in Senior next year and then we are done with school.  Where does the time go with my first born completing his first year of University.  I haven't taken many photos lately which makes me a bit sad as the kids are off doing their thing most of the time so it's me and the bird.

My veggie garden is full of weeds however I did grow some womboks which the snails also loved.  They are pretty easy to grow and I know around Christmas time Womboks are around $8 each in the supermarkets.  On Christmas Day we make the Noodle salad which is on the back of the Changs Noodle packet and it's always a big hit with our family as in Queensland we have hot Christmas Days.   About 20 years ago we went to a BBQ dinner at a work colleague's place and she made this salad and we have been making it for Christmas every year since. Here's a few photos of late.

Home Grown Wombok

Christmas last year, Noodle Salad in the bowl on the right.

Christmas 2021 lunch.

On Friday I made some Gingerbread Biscuits however I think I will use a different recipe next time as the mixture was a bit dry and also the spices weren't as strong.  They all got eaten so they couldn't have been that bad.

Home made pizza's in the Ovana Pizza Oven and garden salad.  The pizza recipe is incredible.

320gms warm water
1 Teaspoon White Sugar
1 Teaspoon Dried Instant Yeast
350gms 00 flour
150gms Fine Semolina
1 Teaspoon Sea Salt
20gms Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Makes 3 pizzas

Sourdough Disguard Crackers.