Saturday, September 11, 2021

Around here

It's my Birthday week and the last week of Term 3 heading towards the end of the year.  I've written about my Birthday Tradition before where I have taken a photo of myself with my kids and Birthday cupcakes every year since 2006 when my daughter was born.  This year will be my 16th year of this Tradition which is very dear to my heart.  I don't care about presents from my kids however on my Birthday all I need is a handmade Birthday card from them and my Birthday photo.

I have a feeling we will be going into a three day lockdown this week due to a family of 5 having Coronavirus on the Southside.  Apparently this family caught it from a New South Wales person who visited them and stayed with them last weekend.  This actually makes me very annoyed because NSW is in lockdown so why is a person from NSW visiting Queensland and staying with someone.  We have the Grand Final of the NRL Football in 2 weeks time so we'll have to go into lockdown to get this cluster under control as I'm sure the Queensland Government will not want to cancel this event.  It is always someone from Interstate coming into Queensland with the virus.

Sydney recorded 1542 which is the highest number in this outbreak however October is expected to be the peak which is pretty scary.  Melbourne is expected to go the same way as Sydney and my kids Grandparents were hoping to come up from Melbourne in November as they haven't been able to visit in 2 years however that's very unlikely now.  Melbourne did it so hard in 2020 and this outbreak was caused by, New South Wales people who were supposed to be in lockdown heading to Melbourne.

In the USA kids have gone back to school for the first time in a year and the number of kids getting infected is on the rise.  In 2020 it was the elderly who was at risk however with the Delta strain it's the adults under 40 and kids who are at risk and spreading the contagious Delta virus.

Sydney wants to ease restrictions when 70% of their State gets double vaccinated however the cases are rising everyday and it was announced on Friday that there will no longer be any 11.00 am press conferences from the NSW Premier and it will now be online.  I suspect because from next week onwards those numbers are just going to get higher and higher and reach over 2,000 cases.

It's very worrying and I think 2022 is going to be very similar to 2021 in that while people are vaccinated cases will be high and life won't be very normal either.  In Queensland we are leading pretty normal lives however no Interstate travel or Overseas travel is happening but apart from that we are very lucky.  I'm very grateful to live in Brisbane and have our State so well looked after.

We'll see how this week goes and in the meantime here's some photos from around here.

Party Lights out the back.

Finally planted out the veggie garden with some lettuce, sugar snap peas, garlic chives, bok choy.

Afternoon sun on the back of the house.

Afternoon sun on the blinds in the lounge room.

Home made Foccacia with home grown rosemary and sea salt.

Home made sourdough bread.

My sister and I have spent a few days in the garden weeding, trimming and
planting these gifted to me "Moses in the Cradle" plants which look great.
We planted about 50 of them on the back fence line underneath these trees.

I felt like a big plate of roast veggies for dinner which was so tasty.

Ricky our Budgie.