Sunday, November 1, 2015

Some interesting internet reads

Here are some internet reads for you so grab a cuppa and have a little look but first a Halloween pic or two.

A beautiful crochet pattern for something different and a few different styles on Pinterest for you.

Whole Freezer Cooking 2 week on line course with Heather from Beauty that Moves.

Some ideas for Christmas Crafts for kids with the end of the year fast approaching.

If you have kids Christmas and want to document the Christmas season I highly recommend you join in Ali Edwards December Daily.  This is a photo project about recording one activity a day for the 25 Days Leading up to Christmas.  There are kits you can buy but not necessary so you can just participate in the project and then pop your photos into a little 7x7 Photo Book from Blurb or some other photo book company.  I've done this for the past 6 years and it's wonderful to look back on.  Just think photos of your kids baking Christmas treats, going to see Santa, looking at the Christmas Parade in the city, the Christmas movies, bedtime stories, how your house is decorated, putting up the tree, special deserts etc. It's such a special project and another favourite one of mine.

If you like a little weaving project here.

Have you ever thought about photographing the place you live in, whether it is your own home, or if you rent even if you think you might live there forever.  Things can change and I know I would have loved to have a little 7x7 book of each place I lived in after I moved out of home.  Elise's project is documented here and here.

The most beautiful chook house I've ever seen and in fact it was a few years ago I came across this and you can buy the plans to build your own if you want.

These Asian treats look so yummy.

Small veggie garden ideas.