Friday, November 26, 2021

Around here

Wow hasn't this year gone fast and what a crazy 2 years it's been living with a pandemic.  There's only 4 weeks until another Christmas and we'll have to put up our Christmas Tree next week.  Both my kids have finished school for the year with my son Graduated High School which is a huge milestone.  They both had formals and looked amazing and had a great time.

We've had lots of rain in Brisbane for the past 2 weeks and I think next week will also be the same so my lawn is looking very long and in need of a mow.  I have already started the Christmas Shopping and need to get a few more things for the kids.  It doesn't really seam like Christmas at the moment however when the Christmas Lights start on the 1st December we always go and see a few displays and that really gets you us in the Christmas spirit.  Check out this blog post with some "December Daily photos" from years back we always had the best time leading up to Christmas when the kids were little.  You wish you could step back in time as they were so small and precious.

I came across this amazing photography story this week of a man in the UK who tracked his half sister down in Australia and actually the sister was born in Brisbane.  They didn't know of each other as the Dad had lived the UK when the boy was 4 months old.  They both were into photography and when they found each other when he was 50 years old the half sister was living in Adelaide and she also had studied photography over the years.  They put together a collection of fused images of theirs from before they met and it's incredible.  Gosh what a story from half way round the world. 

A few weeks back I photographed good friends of mine on their property and here's a few of the images.  I first met them when Eli was just 6 weeks old and he is now 7 so my friends, time flies by so quickly.