Saturday, March 18, 2023

Around here - Grab your free PDF Cheat Sheet for turning your digital photos into a Photo Book

Around here it's been extremely hot in Brisbane and the air conditioner has been on night and day.  Last night our power went out for over 2.5 hours so it was pitch black inside and outside and all I needed was 3 minutes to heat up my yummy dinner I had thawed out during the day.

It would have been better if it went off during the day as you could walk around and see where you are walking or mop the floors or clean the bathrooms.  Lucky for me I had charged up my power bank for my phone during the week so I could keep my phone going.

The funny thing was I was chatting to my friend on the phone who lives 2 hours away at the Gold Coast and after about 15 minutes her power went out as well.  Her power came back on not too long after however mine didn't come back on about 8.30 pm when I was able to heat up my dinner and get back to watching Emily in Paris which I have been enjoying.

During the week I created a PDF Cheat Sheet on how to go about making a photo book and getting your digital files off your phones and computer.  In this day and age everybody takes so many images probably mostly on our iPhones and that's where they stay.  If you have taken a holiday, or grown wonderful veggies or cook really yummy meals and have taken photos of them it's worth while making a photo book.

Often we don't know how to get started so this little Cheat Sheet should help you.  It can seem daunting given the amount of photos most of us take these days however just pick one subject or one holiday and go from there.

If you would like my free PDF Cheat Sheet head over to my website Kathy Aylward Photo and subscribe to receive your download.  Feel free to tell your family and friends as the more the merrier to preserve those precious memories, after all you took the photos in the first place to remember the moment.

A few years ago I made a little Photo Book of our first veggie garden at our old house and this garden brought me so much joy.  The kids were so little and my sister came over and we set it all up.  It was the most productive veggie garden just two 1200mm x 1200mm boxes. [4'x4'].  The cherry tomato bush gave us so many tomatoes I used to take them in for the kindy teaches and they said they were the best tomatoes they have tasted.  I love being able to look back through this photo book to these lovely memories.

I've participated in years of different photo projects and here's just a few photo books I've made.  Week in the Life photo books and Yearly Photo Books.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Around here

My daughter turned 17 on Monday and in two weeks time she will get her license and then she'll be out and about more than ever.  Last night her Kindy teacher [from 2010] was messaging me after she saw a post on Sienna's birthday and said it's amazing that these little 4 year olds she taught all those years ago are now young adults.  I find it hard to believe myself that the time has gone so fast and both kids are amazing confident young people.

I can't believe we are in March already so at least it will start to cool down a little and not be so hot which it has been here in Queensland.  I love Autumn and Spring the best if I had to pick seasons.  In a few months we'll be flying back over the other side of the country to go to my Nephew's wedding in June.  It's nice to have a trip to look forward to since I haven't travelled for years.   Here's a few recent photos.

Our local Fruit & Veggie Exchange.

What I gratefully received.

Yummy lunch at home.

Have been making a jar of pickled onions for the fridge and we are all enjoying them.

Have been making popcorn for some afternoon snacks the old fashioned way with a saucepan and lid using coconut oil rather than buying expensive already popped corn from the supermarket.