Sunday, February 28, 2016

Around Here

I didn't plan on being away from the blog for this long however the beginning of the school year seems to be filled with meetings and working out new routines.  James is loving high school and Sienna is feeling very grown up being at primary school without James.  Here's what's been going on around here over the last month.

First day of high school welcome address in the sports hall.

That's one way to watch tv...get a clothing rack some cushions and a blanket and make a bed.

Making her own finger puppet.

She loved making this finger puppet which later she put a skirt on and gave it to a friend for a birthday gift.

Evening light up the road from our house....waiting for the horses to come down.

Watching Mr Bean video on the iPad.

Footy season is starting so it was new boots.

 This is another way to watch TV...grab the base cushions from the other couches and bring them into this room and sit on top of them.

Afternoon skies over our house.

Timing themselves on doing their times tables.

 James helping Sienna with her times tables.

One of the books he has just finished...he loves reading...and I love that he loves reading.

I love the afternoon light and shadows around our house.