Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Around Here

Around here it is gearing towards the end of footy (AFL) season.  James is finishing his 6th year and Sienna finished her 1st year last Friday night.  James team had a tough game to play last Sunday against the top team however they get another chance this weekend to get back into the finals.  Sienna also got to play at The Gabba at half time and represent the Brisbane Lions which she was thrilled about.  James got to do this in 2013 so thrilled that Sienna's Under 11's got to do this as well.

Getting this ball no matter what.

End of the match.

In the change rooms at The Gabba with the Brisbane Lions jerseys on.

Out on the field at The GABBA at half time.

Last game of the season.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday drive

This morning we went for a little bit of a Sunday drive to Camp Mountain Lookout and Jollys Lookout at Mt Nebo.  I've been to Jollys Lookout many times however it has been decades since I've been to Camp Mountain Lookout even though it's on the way to Jollys Lookout.  When I was late teens/early adult my sisters and I and all our friends about 20 of us used to go to Camp Mountain every Friday night and sit around a camp fire and chat.  It took me back today when we visited there.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Around Here

Around here the weather has been absolutely amazing.  Winter in Queensland and the days are 26-29 degrees..just perfect.  A month ago my sister and I and the kids were dressed ready to go and pick strawberries at the Strawberry Farm.   All I had to do was look up the address on the computer and walk out the door.  I found out it wasn't open so we had to change our plans.  Apparently due to the Cyclone at the beginning of the year everyone's strawberries got planted a month late so they didn't open in June like they normally do.  We ended up going last weekend to Rolin Farms to pick delicious strawberries and ate strawberry ice cream. 

I've been going through old photos this week as Blurb had a 40% discount off their photo books so I got stuck into my Week in the Life from 2010 and ordered my book.  Back in 2010 I was doing scrapbooking and I half completed the WITL book however I love the photo books so decided to do one for 2010 and I love it.  It's such a fun thing to do to be looking through photos from 7 years ago as the kids were so small.

Speaking of old photos and winter weather, here's some photos taken at Rainbow Bay in July 2009 with the kids enjoying the water.  James was so thrilled with a dead fish he found floating in the water.