Sunday, March 10, 2024

Around here

It's March already and the mornings are getting a little cooler here but the days are still hot.  In a few weeks it will be Easter and the weather will be not so humid [fingers crossed].  Not too much has been happening on the home front as the kids are hardly home so it's me and Teddy who right now is still a "toddler".  He is very exhausting because he wants to get into everything so I'm up and down all day long.

My daughter turned 18 a couple of weeks ago and we went out and had a lovely breakfast and took Teddy with us to the cafe.  I can't believe my kids are now 20 and 18 as time goes by so fast. I'm so proud of both of them and it's hard to believe we are here in 2024 and my days of mothering little kids are over [I'm still missing that and not over it] but they are both thriving and doing well.

I bought myself a little printer to print out little iPhone snaps like the old school polaroid's and have been having fun with that.  I bought the kit which came with the printer, cable, 10 Pack of Black Frames and a little photo album.  I also bought a 40 pack of White Frames at the same time as it only comes with enough for 10 prints.  They work out to $1.25 a print so it's expensive so I just print a few favourites at a time.  It's so important to have printed memories as so many of our images are stored on our phones and computers.  My childhood memories are printed photos and you can sit down and pick them up and go through them.  My kids generation is so different, because of technology, they take so many more images than we did however no one really gets to see them beyond the initial show and tell.

I was on the pre-order for Nicole's book from "Simple Home Edit" which arrived two weeks ago and I've already made two recipes from the book.  She has loads of free recipes on her website and some of them are in the book.  She's all about the simple weeknight dinners as a busy Mum.

My sister and I took Teddy to the beach at low tide and it is an off leash beach however he didn't have a name tag [which I promptly ordered] even though he is micro chipped.  This was his first time to the beach so I just used the 5mt lead.  In front of him is hundreds of soldier crabs which run away as soon as you walk towards them. 

Yesterday I made some Fruit Toast which I had for breakfast today and it was very nice.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Around here

Around here we are into the second month of the year, how time flies.  It has been so hot and rainy in Brisbane and my air conditioner has been going around the clock to cope with the humidity.  The humidity has been the worst making it feel a few more degrees hotter than it actually is.

We have no school this year and Uni is about to start in a couple of weeks so getting back into routines for the start of the year feels like February is going to be the new January.

Teddy had his first appointment at the groomers got and he looks so cute and I can now see his eyes after his shaggy hair grew so fast.  He is bringing me great joy and he loves people.

I had some family over for Australia Day and I made a Pavlova which was delicious.  I haven't made one in years so I really enjoyed making and eating it.  Hope you've had a great start to 2024 here's a few pics so far.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Happy New Year 2024

Here we are at the start of a fresh New Year again and 2024 is the first year without any of my kids in school.  They are both young adults and amazing kids, life as a Mum is very different now to ironing uniforms, covering school books and making school lunches.  I find myself alone a lot of the time as they are out working, socializing and living their best lives which is what it's all about.  Raising them to be independent confident young people and I have 100% done that and am very proud of them.

Teddy my puppy is keeping me very busy and to be honest totally exhausted as I ended up with sciatica which is very painful.  I believe it was caused by the 101 times I was lifting Teddy up out of the fenced in play area bringing him inside and outside etc.  It didn't help having sciatica while I had to get the house ready to host 13 people for Christmas Day however this week is the first week it's been a pain level of about a 2 out of 10 whereas for the past 3.5 weeks it was like a 15 out of 10.  Health is wealth and this year it's the one thing I'm going to be focusing on to get fit and healthy.  Walking Teddy twice a day will be a great start.  Today he is going to the groomers for the first time so he will look very weird as his hair is very long at the moment and he'll look a lot smaller without being a ball of fluff.

The other day I watched "Bitconned" based on a true story of 3 guys [but Ray Trapani is the main guy]who wanted to be a career criminal and set up a company to provide a Visa Card that used Bitcoins. OMG it's crazy to think how long they got away with it.

"Bitconned" a 2023 Netflix documentary, delves into the captivating and scandalous world of cryptocurrency fraud, primarily focusing on the rise and fall of Centra Tech.

Here's a few photos of the beautiful sunset the other night.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Around here - end of an era

It's the end of an era where we have no more school.  My daughter graduated from school last Friday and also had her Grade 12 Formal last week.  Last April we went shopping for her dress and when we found it, it was perfect for her and she looked absolutely stunning.  She is a hard working, confident, kind, creative young lady and I couldn't be more proud of her.  I took all the pre formal photos for her and all of her friends which was something I did for my son two years ago so I was knee deep into editing many many photos over the weekend.  Here's a few of my favorites of her.  

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Around here - Puppy photos

Teddy is a Cavoodle and was born on the 11th September, 2023 in Toowoomba, Queensland and is 9 weeks old as of today being the 11th November, 2023.  He is very cute and is a good night time sleeper in his crate and is very active in the back yard playing with his new Christmas Light stuffed toy.  He's pretty quick when I have the camera out and he runs to me so getting photos of him still is a bit hit and miss at the moment.

I've enrolled him/me into Puppy School starting from next Saturday and the first session you come along without your pet to go through lots of things without distractions and then the following four weeks is with your Puppy.

Teddy has had his first vaccinations and is due for his 2nd one on the 23rd November, 2023.  A month later he can have his third and then I think 2 weeks after that I can take him outside of my property for a little walk.  I'm looking forward to taking him on walks.

As you know I mind my friend's dog Billy when they go on holidays and unfortunately he won't be able to come over this holiday until my Puppy is fully vaccinated and can mingle with other dogs.  

He loves sticks and leaves and crunching on them.  He is keeping me very busy at the moment but he is so cute.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Around here - New Puppy

I'm very excited that we have a new member joining our family a little Puppy named "Teddy" and he will be coming home shortly.  No doubt there will be lots more photos of him however here's a couple to start with.  To say I'm excited is an understatement.  He is a little Cavoodle.