Saturday, September 10, 2022

RIP Queen Elizabeth II - 1926-2022

The news of the Queen's passing has come at a shock to the world when only a few days ago she was welcoming the new Prime Minister Liz Truss.  What an honour for Liz Truss to have met her, and for the world to have those last beautiful images of the Queen standing in front of the fire place with her famous smile, it seemed very fitting.

Getty Images

Whether you love the Monarch or not, you can't deny the Queen was an incredible human being who had a great sense of humour.  To be working right up until 2 days before she passed away goes to show the incredible service she has given for the past 70 years.  One thing I can say is she had an incredible stylist and make up artist and she always looked beautiful.

She was also known for documenting her own families life with lots of images of her taking photos throughout the years.  I love that Kate loves photography and documents their life even though the Royal Family has official Photographers.

I actually wrote to the Queen back in 2015 as part of something that came up for my son's school assignment.  Here is a post about it.  It was really funny looking up online how to send a letter to the Queen and I was a bit nervous about it however I did it anyway and I got a reply on official Buckingham Palace letterhead.  I've taken my address off the envelope however when it arrived in the mail I was so excited.  This is as close to the Royal Family I have come.

Here are some photos of the Queen with her camera.

I think everyone loved the Queen and she will certainly be missed particularly by the British people.