Saturday, July 13, 2019

Around here - Maleny Bird World

Around here it is the end of the Queensland School holidays and apparently next week it is going to be 8 degrees in the mornings.  We are lucky in Brisbane that it doesn't get as cold as down South however 8 degrees is cold for us.  As you can see from the photos below my kids still wear shorts in the middle of I'm in long pants and jackets.

We had a lovely first week going to Maleny Bird World to the Aviary which was fantastic.  Last time we went was in March 2015 and there was one huge Aviary and now there are 3 all joined together.  It's such an amazing experience to hold these birds.  When we walked in one bird jumped onto James shoe and was on there for over 5 minutes trying to get his shoelace undone.  Then the big Macaw that was on Sienna's shoulder grabbed her tie on her jacket and removed the silver thing on the end of the tie so don't wear your best clothing and you have to take your earings out and no jewellery.

When we arrived at reception you could get your photo taken with about 10 birds that just hang out on the perches at reception not in actual cages.  This was new since we were there last time and that was very cool and a fun thing to do.  You have to book into the bird aviary tours which sell out fast so we booked on line and booked for an 11.30 am viewing.  They run every 15 minutes [don't quote me on that] however usually every tour is booked out so booking on line before you go is a must if you want to get in at your preferred time.

This is a photo of the kids when we went in March 2015.