Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cupcakes for James 10th Birthday for school

I recently wrote about my first attempts to make cupcakes for James for kindy when he had his 4th birthday and I wanted to show you my lovely cupcakes I made for his 10th birthday this week.  Thank goodness these are a little bit better than my first attempts all those years ago.  I love these little hard case wrappers however not that practical as you have to tear it apart to get your cupcake out but hey, when you are a 4th grader and you have cake that's a great challenge.  I'm so glad I made the little Lego Chocolates as I thought they made the little cakes.  James said they went down a treat so another year of birthday school cupcakes are done.

And here is a photo of the now 10 year old taken yesterday on his birthday.  A few more pictures are over on my other blog here.


  1. Cute cupcakes Kathy. I really like the polka dot liners - but then, I would!!!

  2. Hi Kathy. Can you email me at, thanks.