Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rhonda's Muffin Recipe

I was reading a blog the other day although I can't remember which one it was and she mentioned that she had made the Muffin recipe from Rhonda's "Down to Earth" book.  Since I had all the ingredients I decided late Sunday night to whip some muffins up as I was pottering in the kitchen cleaning up at the time anyway.  I don't often make muffins as such and make more cupcakes however it's really a cake type recipe and for the first time ever we put frozen raspberries in them as well.  Good for the kids to have raspberries and they love them also.  Sienna helped make the muffins and in no time they were cooked and ready to eat.  The kids gave them the big "thumbs up" so that's a good recommendation for anyone to try them.  James liked cutting them in half and putting some butter on it and Sienna just liked eating hers plain.


  1. They look really good Kathy. I actually have Rhonda's book. We can't get it here in Canada so I had it shipped from Australia. I love her blog and her zeal for homemaking. It's something I feel very passionate about myself. I'm enjoying reading your blog archives. Julie

  2. Hi Kathy, I also am more of a cup cake person and never got around to making the muffins in Rhonda's book. Maybe I will just have to give them a go as well when I get a minute!

  3. I love Rhonda's muffins, they are a regular in our house too :)