Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Weekend Baking

With it getting lighter in the mornings now, for some reason everyone is waking up around 5.30 am and for me it's 5.19 am every morning exactly....weird really.  So on Saturday morning before we went to visit Granny (my Mum) the kids did some baking.  I helped Sienna make Chocolate Weet-Bix Slice and James made Anzac Biscuits in the Thermomix.  I find working with the kids separately on cooking makes it a more pleasant experience for them and for me so once Sienna's slice was in the oven I got James onto the Anzac Biscuits which is a staple in our household.

Sunday morning they both made home made Tortilla's and we marinated some beef stripes for dinner and they were super happy with the Tortilla's and can't wait to make these again.  Here's a few photos from our weekend's cooking adventures.

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