Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lifestyle Changes Made

Inspired by this post at the Little Green Village I thought I would list out the changes we've made to our life over time in order to move towards a simple life.  You don't think you have made lots of changes until you start typing them out and I was thrilled to see this list below.

  1. Make most of our meals from scratch.
  2. Make kids lunches to take to school 5 days a week.
  3. Home baking for afternoon tea.
  4. Line dry our laundry - have probably used the dryer 5 times in the last year.
  5. Make our own laundry powder.
  6. Make our own soap.
  7. Did a preserving course so I could make jams and preserves.
  8. Make our own dishwasher detergent - trialing this now.
  9. Make our own citrus cleaner.
  10. Wash tile floors with water and vinegar.
  11. Make our own yoghurt.
  12. Make our own ice cream.
  13. Made butter a couple of times but need to perfect a spreadable version.
  14. Make our own Vanilla Essence.
  15. Made pasta this week and hope to do this more often.
  16. Make our own pizza's instead of take-away.
  17. Made Mozzarella Cheese last week.
  18. Bake Turkish Bread and Foccacia.
  19. Make our own Tortillas.
  20. Make homemade Baked Beans.
  21. Make homemade Lemonade.
  22. Borrow books from the library - although I do purchase books that I really want to keep.
  23. Pass on clothes, books and toys to charity.
  24. Meal Planning each Monday.
  25. Make shopping list from Meal Plan - need to fine tune this so shopping is only once a week.
  26. Grow veggies in our backyard check out these potatoes.
  27. Fresh eggs from chickens for the past 4 years.

Things I would like to do still on my list:-

  1. Make homemade cordials.
  2. Learn to make sourdough bread.
  3. Get a recipe for light fluffy white bread for kids lunches.
  4. Grow more food.
  5. Would like to try my hand at making some sausages.


  1. "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass." We are moving in that direction too with our home Kathy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. You don't realise until you write it down how much you have truly accomplished do you. Reading back over some of my Blog posts from a couple of years ago I am sometimes amazed at how far we have come on in our self sufficient lifestyle and the nice thing is we are still always learning and wanting to achieve more.

    You have done amazingly well and it's all brilliant life lessons for your children.

  3. That is some accomplishment - well done - your children are so lucky and they will learn the skills from you for the future. Those Raspberry buns look delicious by the way.

  4. This is an amazing record - you gave made so many positive changes, and I am very moved by how you have taken the children with you, and how much they are gaining. Very inspiring :).

  5. Wonderful, you should be so proud of yourself! Melindi

  6. You should be so proud of yourself Kathy!! That is a very impressive and inspiring list. :D Jan x

  7. I think you're right. By putting all the changes down, you see how far you allready become. Keep up the good job Kathy! You sure should be proud!

    Love from Holland

  8. What great things you've been doing! You should definitely try making sausages. That is lots of fun!

  9. Wonderful list and a reminder of how the small changes add up.

  10. Hi Kathy, you have made some wonderful changes. It is so true that once you start writing them down, you realise just how many things you have actually achieved.
    All of the changes make a difference.

  11. wow that is an awe inspiring list Kathy! you have done so much already