Monday, August 25, 2014

Around Here

Here's some moments in our life recently.

So loving this Baked Beans recipe and quoting from the kids "Mum, the herbs and flavours are amazing, best baked beans ever" and I would have to agree.

Purchases from our new local Farmers Markets.

I have been having the healthy option of a hot lemon drink upon first waking up instead of the caffeine.

Sienna's home made bird feeder including a pole she put together with craft glue and sticky tape.  Nothing stops this girl's creativity.

A note from my beautiful daughter on the weekend.

I finally got around to going to the nursery and potting this lovely lavender.

Sienna doing some crochet work.

This is our Orchard...small but still fruitful with lemons and hopefully mandarins and oranges one day as they now have lots of flowers on them.  I need to re-pot the orange tree which is in the middle.  All these varieties are dwarf trees for our backyards.

And these lemons.

James playing the guitar after school.


  1. I really love baked beans but haven't had them in years I might have to give this recipe a try thank you for the reminder. I love having a lemon drink first thing in the morning too, such a nice healthy start:) Your Sienna is very inspiring with her creating. My Miss 10 wants to crochet but I thought it might be a bit tricky particularly the holding part but I might have to let her try now. Have a great week.

    P.S. Your first lavender photo is just stunning Kathy:)

    1. Thanks Catherine and Sienna loves the crocheting and it seemed a little tricky the first day but it's quite manageable. Get a couple of you tips be videos for her. Kathy

  2. Those baked beans are awesome. I followed the link on your earlier post and have made it MANY times so tasty, and yes once you have tried these, there is no going back yuuuuum !! I too put an extra can of beans in, usually butter beans, just for variety of texture.

    Great pic of all that healthy fresh food, the market up here is so cheap, I go nearly every Sunday.

    Your citrus trees look beautiful, my friend has her lemon tree right next to the West end of the deck to block the harsh sun in Summer, it is so lovely to sit out in the fresh air with a lovely lemon tree to look at. It is handy for adding to cold drinks too and not far from the kitchen for everything else.
    Hope you have been getting some of this wonderful rain, I know my garden is loving it up here on the "mountain" and it is just in time to make a big difference for Carnival in September.

    1. So happy to hear that you make the baked beans recipe Margaret, it's amazing and there is always oohs, and arrrhs and yum when we eat it....I still can't get over how delicious it is. Thanks for letting me know you made the recipe and like it. And of course that one comes from "The Petite Kitchen" blog in New Zealand.....glad I stumbled on to that blog. Kathy

  3. Yum! Love homemade baked beans. Great haul from the farmers markets as well! What did you end up doing with your kale?

    1. nothing's still in the fridge