Friday, August 29, 2014

I've finally added the "Search this Blog" Box

I've finally managed to put in a "search this blog" box on the right hand side so that you can search my blog posts.  To be totally honest, every time I wanted a recipe myself I had to go through the posts and find them so it took me all of one minute (thanks Martina) and it's done.  While I'm here I'll post a few pictures I took around the place yesterday afternoon.


  1. Hi Kathy You could also add labels to your posts to make it easier to track topics you blog about then add the labels to your side bar. Let me know if this needs more explaining. You garden is looking great.

  2. The good ol' search box. I think the one on our blog is for me to use when I want to find an old post. Some great photos, I am loving the spring lighting that we are having at the moment. Love this time of year but it makes me feel like summer is not too far off.

  3. Thank-you for that search button - it's going to be really useful. Your garden is looking so richly full ...