Sunday, September 21, 2014

Around Here

The kids are now on school holidays which means you can stay in your pj's until anytime you like unless we have to go out.  This morning we got changed into day time clothes around 10.00 am even though we were having a day at home. Sienna helped me organize the dinner for the slow cooker which was a Moroccan Chicken recipe so apart from making rice, dinner is done tonight which is good for this Mamma.  Here's what's been happening in our lives this week.

My birthday afternoon.

Handmade card from James.

Inside the card from James.  I gave the kids a $10 limit to spend for my present. He missed me so much because as at the end of August the kids are spending one week with their father and then one week with me.  I have raised the kids on my own 100% for the past 6.5 years and to be honest with you, you could add another 2 years to that even though I was still married.  This is extremely difficult to be without my kids as they have been with me every day since they were born. All to painful.

 Sienna's Birthday card to me.

James and Sienna having some home made baked beans for breakfast before school.  I have no idea how James can eat with his leg up but as long as he has a healthy good breakfast I don't mind.

Sienna walking up the stairs to her classroom.

Sienna's "Starry Starry Night" Artwork at the Grade 3 Art Show this week.  Her's was featured in the black frame.

In bed ready Andy Griffith's The 26 Storey Treehouse Book.

I purchased some 4Real Milk and Camembert on my birthday after seeing Farmer Gregie on Landline last week.  What a great story not only about supporting the Dairy Industry however Farmer Gregie suffered from Clinical Depression.

Sienna and I reading in bed in the morning.  She had her 26 Storey Treehouse book and I had my iPad catching up on some blogs.  Yes I've got the bed hair as I was in bed.  I used the remote self timer on the camera.

Before school harvesting the veggies from the School Veggie Garden for sale to families.


  1. Those cards are wonderful Kathy. I'm sure you will cherish them. And how great is your school garden? Fantastic!

  2. Sienna's art work is awesome Kathy! Sorry to hear that about the kids being away...chin up love, you can be proud of the fact of what a wonderful job you have done raising you babies, they won't forget that ever. Hugs, Jan x

  3. Oh no, so sorry to hear this is happening, its all well and good to be "fair" but an absent dad suddenly sharing custody....whats with that ? driven by financial consideration ?

    The divided custody is going to take some getting used to for everyone, having 2 kids for a week is all very good in theory, but hey, when you are not used to it the reality is SOMTHIN ! else, and it ain't as easy as you make it look.
    Stay strong and keep focussed on being there for the kids, who knows what the future will bring.
    Keep busy, I know it sounds trite, but it does help, especialy if you can do something creative, sew, knit, make quilts, bake, paint or whatever makes you happy.

  4. Thanks Margaret....he got married again so now he has someone to take care of my kids...he would never do this on his own and of course he has not supported them financially in the way he should have for the past 3 years and because he has lots of money for a lawyer and I don't I had no choice. This is where I think it's unfair because he has the money (big income) and I don't he gets the power. It will never be fair and Dad's who don't want to support their kids know all the loop holes and work the system. It's one thing to ruin my marriage by cheating and drinking however it's unforgiveable his behaviour towards child support for both the kids. I can't understand people like that. It is heartbreaking and not fair and our lives have been torn apart however there is nothing I can do about it which makes it all the more painful. Thanks for your kind words. Kathy