Saturday, April 18, 2015

Some Interesting Internet Reads

Here's some interesting reads for you from around the internet I thought you might like however first of all I thought I would put in a couple of pictures of my kids at the beach this week visiting a good friend of ours.  James got his cast off when we got back from the beach so he did a bit of reading instead of swimming this time.  Sienna is jumping off the rocks in the middle pic.

For all those parents of young children here's a tip on helping to teach your child not to interrupt which would have been very helpful a few years ago for me.  My Mum used to say that if she was on the phone and didn't want to be interrupted by her young children (aka us...) she would keep a wet washer in her hand to wipe the toddlers face because we all know they usually don't like having their face clean so they will go and play somewhere while you finish your call.  Come to think of it I'm not sure if she used to actually do that or she read it somewhere but it makes sense to me.

How to Build a Better Sandwich.

Elise has been working on this Diary/Project Organizer/Planner for the past 6 months called "Get To Work Book".  The July 2015 to June 2016 will be out shortly and can be pre-ordered.  She is working on a January to December 2016 to also be available at the end of the year. I have been reading Elise's blog for many years now right back to when she was planning her DIY Wedding.  She is the Queen of getting projects completed so if you love being organized with your days and getting projects ticked off this will be a winner.

Making up my Home Made Laundry Powder this morning reminded me of this post about Revolutionizing the Washing Process.  I was sick of trying to find the recipe when I was ready to make it so I wrote it on the lid of the container using a permanent marker which makes it very easy.

Kate at Foxes Lane wrote about a friend's new book called "Snail Mail" and I have just ordered this for my kids which I think they will have lots of fun with.  Look out family and friends and I think Nanny & Pop in Melbourne will be the first on the mailing list.

The guys at Flow Hive Honey crowd raising have reached over $11M now...their original target was $70,000.  You just have to have that "one good idea" don't you however I'm sure the father and son duo are waking up each morning thinking, is this really happening.

Speaking of that one little thing....I still love looking at photos from "Dear Photograph" taking a picture of a picture from the past in the present.  They have now released a book as well.

Another photography site which is really cool is "Humans of New York" (aka HONY) and you can read about how it started here.

With the warmer days coming our way head over to my old post for the Sticky Date & Butterscotch Sauce recipe that I made last year thanks to "She Sows Seeds".

I made this Pork Belly recipe from Baby Mac's blog and it was the first time I've ever bought pork belly before and it was delicious.

Sienna made these little mexican "God's Eye" weaving with ice block sticks and a variegated wool which saves the hassle of changing colours for little kids.


  1. Oh my that pork belly looks divine! Kathy, I had to laugh about that wet washer tip. I had never tried that, but my kids do not like having their faces washed :)

    1. I know it's funny isn't it.....good luck with that one! Kathy

  2. Isn't Sienna clever, and resourceful? When I saw the photo of the two of them, I thought "Gosh, how they are both growing up so fast"! Thank-you for the links - I've enjoyed the sandwich one, and had a peep at the Get To Work book, as I can never resist anything about organising!

  3. thanks for that Kathy....mmmm that pork looks good!!!!! Jan x